How much!!!! I can get it cheaper – does that mean its expensive?

I’m going to try and keep this brief to encourage everyone to read this but this is a topic of many of my conversations.

So I’ll start by telling you Windrush Business Services are not the cheapest! there are loads of sole traders and other companies that offer the services we do. But when you are shopping around do you ask them for their qualifications? As a Chartered Management Accountant I have spent a lot of time studying to gain a professional qualification. Further as a member of a professional body I am obliged to be properly registered, indemnified and work to a code of conduct AND ensure I undertake continued professional development to ensure I am up to date and technically competent. I take pride in this and to ensure I am not flying totally by the seat of my pants I ensure the advice I give is not off the cuff maybes or heard about it somewhere. I also take care to discuss clients with my book keepers so they know what to look for and when to refer to me so the quality of our service matches what should be expected.

Not surprisingly, when I discuss this with my clients its apparent this is not a phenomenon experienced by just me. In fact its across the board! And I’ve noticed our clients generally are not the ‘cheapest’ because they consider quality, expertise and doing the job right in the first place is more important.

Also I have taken on a few clients over the years who have approached me as they are in a pickle, and the reason is that they wanted to keep accounting costs low as they saw it as an overhead they begrudged paying rather than a service. But in fact all they have done is ‘defer’ the cost as they have to pay to get it put right. 

So when buying goods or indeed services, when you have looked at the market for pricing consider why the cheapest is cheaper than the rest and whether it might cost you more in the long run.